• I am an artist currently located in Madison, Wisconsin. I am working towards an MFA degree through the Printmaking program at the University of Wisconsin. I am fine tuning my skills in traditional printmaking methods while exploring nontraditional applications of print media. I am also developing my skill set pertaining to fibers and embroidery and am excited about the possibilities of combining the multiplicity of the printed image with the unique stitched art object.

    This blog will be a record of progress within my education and studio practice. I will also try to post about upcoming exhibitions and events going on in southeastern Wisconsin.

    If you find yourself in the Madison area, look me up if you would like to schedule a studio visit or just meet to chat!

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Catching up…

Hey all, I don’t have much time to write but just wanted to let you know that I have posted my newest work up on my website – http://www.myszkalewis.com! My wall installation “dreams elsewhere waking nowhere” was included in Sprung, the first year UW MFA Candidate review exhibition.     I showed a couple etchings that I made a … Continue reading

March Madness… upcoming exhibitions

Whoo boy! These last few weeks have been crazy! I have been really busy in the studio preparing for a couple exhibitions I have coming up very soon. So your patience through my recent virtual absence will soon be rewarded with several updates, photos of new work, and a couple samples of writing. First things … Continue reading

Take Responsibility

I created and installed this piece in my studio back in December, but I just finally set aside the time this morning to install it in a suitable location. Untitled [Take Responsibility] acrylic paint – wall drawing/text installation alongside existing sculptural installation (artist unknown) variable dimensions: approximately 96″ x 24″ installed between the 6th and … Continue reading

Exhibition: Foremost … Sprung

Over the next several weeks, the first year MFA candidates will be exhibiting work as a review of their time in the graduate program at the University of Wisconsin so far. The group of artists included in this review is fairly large, so we have spilt into two groups and the exhibition will be shown … Continue reading

Collapse & Shingles & Shingles Collapsing: I’ve got my work cut out for me.

“We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.”           –  Pablo Picasso   word.   I … Continue reading

Write. Writing. Written.

“If I read this sentence, this story, or this word with pleasure, it is because it was written in pleasure…”     –  Roland Barthes   So here I am, three weeks in to the semester and fired up about some new directions my work is taking and some new challenges I am enduring in my … Continue reading

A Look Back: “You Don’t Need a Solution”

I was recently going through and trying to better organize all the photos on my phone, Dropbox, and computer… and TA DA I found a ton of stuff I had totally forgotten about, including some process photos of my recently completed installation You Don’t Need a Solution.   That project was born out of an obsession … Continue reading

SpitBite Etching, my style

Part of my work in intaglio during the Fall semester was an investigation of spitbite etching. This was my first experience working with the technique so there were plenty failed attempts. It was definitely a learning experience as I tried variations of the technique on copper, zinc, and steel. I especially tried to recreate a … Continue reading

Art Museum Embroideries

Remember those embroideries I mentioned in a recent post – the ones I’ve been working on over the winter break as a gift to a dear friend? Yea? They’re done!   They are both 12″ x 16″ hand embroideries – single strand cotton on natural muslin. The first one is of the Milwaukee Art Museum … Continue reading


In December, the first year MFA candidates held an exhibition in Gallery 7 on the UW campus to highlight and celebrate the beginning of our graduate career. TWO-FER, as it was titled, demonstrated the wide range of mediums, techniques, concepts, and issues addressed by our cohort of 31 artists. The title speaks to a conversation … Continue reading